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Robinson Brothers Ltd

Welcome to the website of Robinson Brothers Ltd. We are one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of speciality organic chemicals, providing a comprehensive package of products and technical services across two distinct global market areas - fine chemicals and polymer chemicals.

RBL's production site in the heart of the Midlands has a full range of facilities, including Research and QC Laboratories, Kilo Lab and Pilot Plant units and over 200,000L of production capacity. This enables complete development of new projects from kilo scale to full commercial manufacture, all within the latest ISO9000: 2000 standards.

Key technologies include the following:

  • Catalytic hydrogenation, chiral hydrogenation and chemical reduction
  • Organosulphur chemistry
  • Reactions using challenging reagents - carbon disulphide, chlorosulphonic acid, phosgene, bromine, sulphur chlorides
  • Unit processes include Diels-Alder, Friedel Crafts and cyclisations to give a range of heterocyclic molecules

Enquiries are welcomed for kilo to multi-tonne volumes

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Robinson Brothers Ltd

  • Speciality organic intermediates for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, agrochemical, photographic and cosmetic industries
  • Intermediates for food and beverage, flavour and fragrance products
  • Supply of gas odorant
  • Toll manufacture and custom synthesis from kilo to multi-tonne scale
Robac Chemicals
  • Speciality rubber chemicals: vulcanisers, accelerators and protective agents
  • Polymer chemicals and effect additives, modifiers and protection systems